Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup starts in Baku

Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup starts in Baku

The first day of the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup is taking place in Baku today.

The competitions are held in the National Gymnastics Arena.

In total, 8 sets of awards can be won over three days of the competition: 6 in individual apparatus exercises and two in all-around events (individual and group, based on the results of performances in qualifications).

In individual exercises, gymnasts will show their skills with a hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon. In group exercises, they will do it with 5 hoops, as well as with 3 ribbons and two balls.

More than 110 representatives from over 40 countries will participate in the tournament.

The World Cup schedule

  • On the first day, April 19, qualifications will take place in individual hoop and ball exercises. In group exercises, spectators will see exercises with five hoops.
  • On the second day, Saturday, the finalists in the remaining events will be determined. In addition to this, based on the results of performances in the qualifications, the winners in the all-around will be revealed (both in group and individual events).
  • On the final day, Sunday, finals in exercises with all subjects will be held, and award ceremonies will take place. The AGF Trophy will also be awarded. It will be awarded to the athlete and team with the highest performance score.

Azerbaijan national team
As stated in the message on the website of the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, Zohra Agamirova and Kamilla Seyidzade will compete for the Cup medals from Azerbaijan in the individual program. Gyullu Agalarzadeh, Kamilla Aliyeva, Elizaveta Luzan, Daria Sorokina, Lyaman Alimuradova and Zeinab Gummetova will perform in group exercises.