Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia in the final of Eurovision Song Contest 2016

Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia in the final of Eurovision Song Contest 2016

The first semi-final of Eurovision Song Contest 2016 took place in Stockholm. On the results of the competition Russian singer Sergey Lazarev reached the final. Azerbaijani singer Syamra Rahimli and Armenian Singer Iveta Makuchyan will also take part in the final.

Singers from Netherlands, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Cyprus and Malta will also participate in the final, which is to take place on Saturday May 14th. Finland, Greece, Moldova, San Marino, Estonia, Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro failed to reach the final.

It worth noting that that a new voting system was introduced for the first time since 1975: now each country will give two types of points. For example, a professional jury will give its points and the second points will received by the singer as a result of television voting via SMS. Voting participating countries: Spain, France, Sweden will vote in the first semi-final. UK, Germany, Italy will vote in the second semi-final. According to regulations, ten performers from each semifinal will reach the final.

Portal EuroINvision published bookmakers’ quotes, according to which Russian singer Sergey Lazarev (‘You are the Only One’) has the most chances to win in the competition. Jamaal (Ukraine ‘1944’) and Amir (France, ‘J'ai cherche’) are among first free singers. Then Franz (Sweden, ‘If I were Sorry’), Demi Im (Australia, ‘Sound of Silence’), Ira Losco (Malta,’Walk on Water’), Iveta Makuchyan (Armenia, ’LoveWave’), Howie Star (Israel, ‘Made of Stars’), Francesca Mikelin (Italy, ‘No Degree of Separation’), Joe & Jake duo (UK,  ‘You're not Alone’).