Sargsyan orders RPA to violate Constitution

Sargsyan orders RPA to violate Constitution

The 16th convention of the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) kicked off today at Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex.

1790 delegates were elected to participate in the Party’s convention. In addition to the representatives of 13 Armenian parties, the representatives of the United Russia,  European People's Party and the Communist Party of China also received the invitations.

Incumbent President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan was unanimously re-elected RPA Chairman.

His candidacy was proposed by the Mayor of Yerevan, member of the executive body of the party, Taron Margaryan. Sargsyan was supported by more than 1.7 thousand deputies participated in the open vote of the party.

During his speech Sargsyan said that the current Prime Minister of Armenia, Karen Karapetyan, will continue to head the country's government.

According to the President, Karapetyan may freely lead the government, if  the Republicans receive a trust quota on the results of the parliamentary elections.

"If the RPA receives a trust quota during the upcoming elections, our government will be headed by Karen Karapetyan, who will continue to implemented the already planned program," the Armenian leader said.

However, under the new Constitution of Armenia, which enters into force after 2018, a candidate can participate in the parliamentary elections, only if he has been residing in the territory of the country for the last four years. This nuance casts doubt on the possibility of Karapetyan’s execution of the duties as the head of the Armenian government.

The head of the Ministry of Justice of Armenia, Arpine Hovhannisyan, evaded an answer to the journalists' questions about the extent the appointment of Karapetyan as the prime-minister violates the fundamental law of the country.

‘’I do not have to evaluate this situation, there is a competent authority, where the Republican Party and other parties present their lists. These lists must meet the requirements, which are enshrined in the Constitution. It is obvious that the competent authority will assess all the relevant criteria,’’ Sputnik Armenia quotes the Minister of Justice as saying.