UNEC holds first Graduation Day in Greece

First Graduation Day of the joint master's program of Western Macedonia University with Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) was held in Kastoria, Greece, and diplomas were presented to the graduates.

At the Graduation Day, UNEC Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov and Rector of the University of Western Macedonia, Professor Theodoros Theodoulids spoke about the importance of a joint diploma program, the purpose of which is to train highly qualified specialists in the international labor market, including the European labor market. Graduates will have the opportunity to earn a PhD in business administration, economics, transport and logistics, and oil and gas technology in Greece, Azerbaijan, and other EU member states. Masters participating in the joint program are provided as well as scholarships on a contractual basis.

The event highlighted the importance of the joint diploma program in strengthening education, science and social ties between the two countries, and importance of further expanding this cooperation was stressed. They also discussed the possibility of implementing a bachelor's degree and dual degree programs between UNEC and University of Western Macedonia and decided to start work in this direction.

Speaking at the Graduation Day, Deputy Fazil Mustafa, First Secretary of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Greece, Eldar Aliyev, members of Greek parliament, Zytis Tzykalagıas, Olympiad TeliGiorıdou, head of the Prime Minister's office in Thessaloniki, Antonyi Maria, Deputy Minister of Education for Higher Education Mr. Digalakis, Jenny Lazarou, Bodosaki Foundation's Finance Manager on the TAP project, Western Macedonia Manager of the TAP-AG project (Trans Adriatic Pipeline) Michalis Gosliopoulos, Siskos Evangelos, Director of the master program of “Oil and Gas Management and Transportation” and other speakers said that the joint master's program is of particular importance to both countries. For the first time implementation of specialist training of UNEC at the member State of the European Union was called a historic success.

After the speeches, a solemn inauguration ceremony of the graduates was held.

The joint diplomas, signed by UNEC Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov and Rector of the University of Western Macedonia, Professor Theodoros Theodoulids, were presented to 34 graduate students of Greek nationality.

According to the Memorandum of International Cooperation signed between UNEC and University of Western Macedonia, the joint master's program has been continuing for 3 years. The joint master's program comprises of 120 credits, including 12 subjects and a graduation thesis, of which 30 credits are taught by the academic staff of UNEC. Within the program, in addition to undergraduate training, the academic exchange and joint research were conducted between the two universities. Under a new cooperation agreement signed in 2019, the duration of the joint master's program has been extended for five years until 2024 academic year.

UNEC is the only foreign university to provide educational services in Russia and is the first foreign university to implement a joint master's program in Greece.