US uses 'Kremlin list' to impose additional Russia sanctions

US uses 'Kremlin list' to impose additional Russia sanctions

New US sanctions will follow the publication of a list of Russian billionaires and top Russian officials, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said.

Mnuchin said the 'oligarchs list' wasn’t delayed by the Trump administration after it was published late Monday, just as a congressionally-mandated deadline was set to expire. 

"There will be sanctions that come out of this report," Mnuchin said in testimony before the Senate Banking Committee.

"We will take the basis of that report and look at, as we do in the normal course, where it’s appropriate to put sanctions. This should in no way be interpreted as we’re not putting sanctions on any of the people in that report. I don’t think in anyway we are slow-walking the report delivered last night and we look forward to discussing with you in a classified setting," Bloomberg cited Mnuchin as saying.

The US Department of the Treasury on Monday released an open version of the so-called Kremlin List that includes all members of the Russian government, heads of some state corporations and state banks, as well as businessmen which have, according to American sources, no less than $1 bln. The list in total includes 210 people.