Wolfgang Buchele: German investments in Russia continues to increase

Wolfgang Buchele: German investments in Russia continues to increase

On February 16, chairman of the Eastern Committee of German Economy, Wolfgang Buchele, participated in traditional German-Russian breakfast on the sidelines of the 55th Munich Security Conference. Russian and German Foreign Ministers Sergey Lavrov and Heiko Maas also attended this event. Buchele noted in his opening speech that despite current tense international situation in relations between Russia and the West, trade volume between Germany and Russia, as well as volume of German investments in Russia continue to grow, which is a positive signal for long-term bilateral relationship.

According to him, despite current difficult situation, it's necessary to continue to look for possible cooperation formats between the European Union and the EAEU and build bridges between these two unions. Buchele also noted that there's a need to intensify German-Russian dialogue in the political sphere in order to resolve accumulated problems in bilateral relations.

Russian billionaire, owner of the Severstal company, Alexey Mordashov, praised existing dialogue between Russian and German business, Vestnik Kavkaza correspondent reported. “The fact that we support dialogue and still meet inspires hope, so if we maintain contacts we will be able to find solution to current difficult situation we found ourselves in. We appreciate how Germany and German business position themselves in relations with Russia - there's freedom of choice and freedom of trade,” he noted.

Billionaire also added that it's important to resume and create new contacts at the level of the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union.