Gift to National Library of Azerbaijan

Kyamran Abushev, exclusively for
Gift to National Library of Azerbaijan

A meeting between director general of the Israel-Azerbaijan international association "AzIz" Lev Spivak, head of the "Sholumi" center Shaul Siman-Tov and director of the National Library of Azerbaijan, professor Kerim Tahirov was held in the beginning of March. Tahirov discussed what place does one of the largest libraries in the world has in the life of Azerbaijan.

He noted that a draft memorandum between the National Library of Israel and the National Library of Azerbaijan was already prepared. This project has already been submitted to the Foreign Ministries of both states. After this Memorandum of Cooperation signed, libraries will actively exchange books, which will help to enrich their respective collections.

Director general of "AzIz" association Lev Spivak spoke about the work of his association, about events that they are carrying out in order to show the truth about Azerbaijan to the people of Israel. He was talking about the Khojaly tragedy in particular. Lev Spivak spoke about the "Black Snowdrops" book, which was published in Israel. It was written by the Israeli writer and playwrighter, member of the Guild of Directors of Azerbaijan Efim Abramov and member of the European Congress of Writers and Russian-Speaking Writers of the Czech Republic, poet and playwrighter Leyla Begim. Last year, presentation of this book was held in connection with the 25th anniversary of the Khojaly tragedy. This year, at the end of February, the "AzIz" association held a presentation of this book in Prague and in Houston. There will be an audio version of this book by the end of March.

Kerim Tahirov praised the work of the AzIz association, noting the importance of such events and said that publication of this book helps to ensure that many people around the world will learn the truth about Azerbaijan. He stressed that the "Justice for Khojaly" campaign is held all over the world on the initiative of Vice President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva. He said it had a huge resonance all over the world. Then Lev Spivak and Shaul Siman-Tov presented the "Black Snowdrops" book in Russian, as well as its translations into English and Czech languages and a copy of the audio version of this book to the National Library of Azerbaijan.

Kerim Tahirov expressed his gratitude to Lev Spivak for activities of his association, in particular for books dedicated to the Khojaly tragedy, and gave guests the "National Library of Azerbaijan" photo album (in Azerbaijani, Russian and English).