Mucahit Muhammed Soykan: News Agencies World Congress helps to finds solutions to problems facing media

Mucahit Muhammed Soykan: News Agencies World Congress helps to finds solutions to problems facing media

The News Agencies World Congress helps media outlets to share experience and finds solutions to new problems facing information business, representative of Anadolu Agency Mucahit Muhammed Soykan told the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza on the sidelines of the 6th News Agencies World Congress in Sofia.

"This is a major event, and we come here to learn about the latest industry innovations and solutions to the problems facing our profession, discovered by other media. In my opinion, Congress started very well, the speech of the INMA's Earl Wilkinson about the new media approaches existing along with the traditional ones was very interesting," he said.

The representative of Anadolu Agency praised the importance of cooperation of local news agencies. "I the case of any exclusive news Anadolu Agency always cooperates with local news agencies that have the most accurate information, as they are direct source. It is very useful to interact with such sources to verify facts. In addition, such cooperation also helps build bilateral relations with other countries," he said.

"Journalism, newsgathering — what we do — require tremendous resources and tremendous energy. It requires help and support from the government, but such events are also important. For example, Vestnik Kavkaza covers events linked to the Caucasus. We met here and maybe tomorrow, we will contact you and exchange exclusive knowledge or experience, which can be very useful for both agencies," Mucahit Muhammed Soykan concluded.

The 6th News Agencies World Congress  - the largest platform for discussing the challenges of the new millennium and topical problems of journalism, traditional media and social media in the 21st century - is being held in Sofia on June 13-15. This event brings together experts and heads of world’s authoritative news agencies. TASS and Vestnik Kavkaza news agencies are participating in the event from Russia.