Sergei Mikhailov: 6th News Agencies World Congress is major global media event

Sergei Mikhailov: 6th News Agencies World Congress is major global media event

The 6th News Agencies World Congress in Sofia is the major global media event, TASS Director General Sergei Mikhailov told the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza on the sidelines of the event.

"There are few media congresses living so long and fruitfully. Many agencies compete for the right to organize the next Congress, they are eager to participate in it," he said in the first place.

"Not long ago, we met with members of the Congress at the Summit of the international news agencies, which is traditionally organized by TASS at the SPIEF in St. Petersburg, and we discussed there many issues put on the agenda of today's event," Sergei Mikhailov said.

"And we have things to discuss - there are so many new information technologies and new challenges today. For example, a news agency behavior in social networks, fake news, technologies on new platforms. Interaction between news agencies is the interaction of people, therefore, the more we meet, the more we tell others, the better for everyone," the general director of TASS emphasized.

"There are no universal rules, each agency is unique in its development stage, technological and political level, and influence. The influence of TASS or a large agency from Africa are completely different in terms of news coverage, presence on the world map and languages. Each has its own problems, but the Congress will be useful to everyone," Sergey Mikhailov concluded.

The 6th News Agencies World Congress  - the largest platform for discussing the challenges of the new millennium and topical problems of journalism, traditional media and social media in the 21st century - is being held in Sofia on June 13-15. This event brings together experts and heads of world’s authoritative news agencies. TASS and Vestnik Kavkaza news agencies are participating in the event from Russia.