'Pobeda' dismisses reports on hard landing in Gyumri

 'Pobeda' dismisses reports on hard landing in Gyumri

Russia's Pobeda Airlines has dismissed reports on one of its planes’ making a hard landing in Gyumri, Armenia, a representative of the airline said.

The Civil Aviation Committee of Armenia announced yesterday evening that a Pobeda airliner had hit the runway hard from its tail while landing at Shirak airport in Gyumri, causing damage to its tail. There were 173 passengers on board, but no one was injured.

According to the Pobeda Airlines representative, damage to the tail of this aircraft was detected during the inspection in Gyumri, this had occurred when making a second round, but the reports of a hard landing are inaccurate, RIA Novosti reported.

The representative added that an alternate plane had left for Gyumri for the return flight passengers.