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Construction of Burgas-Alexandroupolis pipeline may be suspended

The construction of the trans-Balkan oil pipeline between Burgas andAlexandropolis may be suspended due to the position of Bulgaria,Russian Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko told reporters, RIA Novostireports.According to the vice-president of Transneft participating in theproject from the Russian side, Mikhail Barkov, the Bulgarian side didnot pay the construction debt, scheduled for the 15th of December. AsBarkov explained, the Greek side warned that the funding of theproject would be frozen if Bulgaria does not fulfil its financialcommitments.

Kazakhstan to use Russian and Belarusian oil infrastructure

Kazakhstan will have the right to use the infrastructure of Russia andBelarus to transport oil on beneficial terms, based on the agreementof the formation of a Common Economic Space (CES), KazTAG reports.The issue has been discussed at the Moscow-Astana video conference onthe CES, the Kazakh Vice-Minister for Economic Development and TradeTimur Suleymenov said, Kazakhstan Today reports.

Stavropol Territory clears oil spill

Emergency groups of ChernomorTransneft have started removing earthcovered in oil in the Stavropol Territory after a leakage in across-country oil pipeline, RIA Novosti reports, citing a spokesman ofthe southern regional center of the Emergency Ministry.

New director general appointed for Caspian pipeline consortium

Nikolai Platonov has become the new director general of the Caspianpipeline consortium (CPC), a message on the CPC website says, Trendreports. Platonov will replace Alexander Tarakanov.The decision was made at a closed meeting of CPC shareholders onNovember 23-24. Platonov was introduced by Transneft, which representsthe interests of the Russian government as a shareholder.

Transneft is concerned about Odessa-Brody pipeline

Transneft plans to officially inform consumers in Europe and the transit countries on the possible failure of exports of Russian oil deliveries to European consumers in connection with the launch of a direct mode of the Odessa-Brody oil pipeline with a partial reversal of the southern branch of the Druzhba pipeline, RIA Novosti reports, with reference a representative of "Transneft", Igor Demin.Currently, according to Transneft, the Odessa-Brody pipeline and pumping through Druzhba is going without a glitch, but the work of one of the pipelines at the power-limit invol

Transneft head believes Samsun-Jaykhan oil pipeline needs tax incentives

The Samson-Jaykhan oil pipeline project needs tax benefits on the Turkish territory to provide a competitive prices, the head of Transneft Nikolay Tokarev said in an interview with a corporate magazine, RIA Novosti reports. Samsun-Jaykhan is planned to be built from the Turkish Black Sea city Samsun to the port of Jaykhan. The project will transport 60-70 million tons of oil annually, avoiding Bosporus and Dardanelles. The project will be realized with the assistance of Russian companies.

Russia and Turkey to discuss Samsun-Ceyhan project in September

A Russian-Turkish working group could meet in Moscow at the end of September to discuss issues of the Samsun-Ceyhan pipeline construction in Turkey, the Russian Energy Minister told RIA Novosti. The pipeline may lessen the burden on the Bosphorus and Dardanelles, transporting 60-70 million tons of oil a year. The pipeline will be placed between the towns of Samsun and Ceyhan. Russian companies Rosneft, Transneft and Sovkomflot, the Turkish group Calik and Italian group Eni will participate in the project.

P.M. Putin attends Russia-China pipeline opening

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin took part in the inauguration ceremony of the oil pipeline section from Russia to the border with China, RBC reports. This pipeline is a part of the ‘Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean’ (ESPO) project. PM Putin said the idea for the pipeline emerged six years ago. Firstly there were some discussions on the route of the project.

Turkish oil-squeezer

Turkish oil-squeezer

Turkey plans to make the most of the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster. After the BP drilling rig explosion and subsequent oil spill, Turkish authorities brought up the problem of replacing tanker oil transportation with the trans-Anatolian Samsun-Ceyhan pipeline.

Russia proposes uniting two oil projects

Russia will propose uniting the Burgas-Alexandrupolis andSamsun-Jaykhan oil pipeline projects, after clarification ofBulgaria’s position on the first of them, Russian Minister of EnergySergey Shmatko said, RIA Novosti reports.He noted that implementation of the trilateral agreement betweenRussia, Greece and Bulgaria on the Burgas-Alexandrupolis project hasalmost halted, but so far they cannot unite the projects.

Strategic agreements to be signed during Medvedev’s visit to Turkey

Russian Vice-Premier Igor Sechin said today in Ankara that RussianPresident Dmitry Medvedev plans to sign intergovernmental agreementson his visit to Turkey, RIA Novosti reports.Some documents are still being studied by experts. The main issues arecooperation in the spheres of gas, energy, nuclear power, oiltransport and a visa-free regime, Sechin said at a jointpress-conference with Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz in Ankara.

Moscow and Ankara will discuss the question of oil transit around the Bosphorus and Dardanelles

The proposals of the Russian company 'Transneft' to transport oil around the Black Sea channels of the Bosphorus and Dardanelles will be discussed during the visit of Russian president Dmitri Medvedev to Ankara on May 11th-12th, stated 'Transneft' head Nikolay Tokarev. 'A working group will get together on May 4th, an intergovernmental commission will hold a session on May 5th-6th, then on May 11th-12th, during Medvedev's visit to Ankara, the question will be elevated to another level' - he said.

Ukrainian pipe exports to Russia to be boosted

An agreement has been signed increasing the quota for Ukrainianimports of steel pipes of small and medium diameter to Russia from200,000 tons to 260,000 tons, Rosbalt reports, citing UkrainianMinister of Industry Issues Dmitry Kolesnikov.The deal was signed at the sixth Ukrainian-Russian inter-governmentalcommission in Sochi Ukrainian pipe exporting to Russia quota to be scaled up.