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North Caucasus Federal District strategy prepared

North Caucasus Federal District strategy prepared

The Russian Ministry of Regional Development has presented a strategyfor the social-economic development of the North Caucasus FederalDistrict until 2025 to the government. The strategy involves theconstruction of its own Foreign Economic Activity Bank and severaldevelopment centers, similar to the Moscow Region's 'Skolkovo

North Caucasus Federal District geodesy head charged

The North Caucasus prosecutor has initiated a criminal case againstthe head of the interregional geodesy and cartography department onsuspicions of abuse of office. The suspect is charged with usingnon-budget funds for excursions for department staff and theirfamilies and paying bonuses. Total expenses reached 1.3 millionrubles.

Thousands of counterfeit dollars seized in Baku

Azerbaijani police have seized a large amount of counterfeit100-dollar banknotes, Trend reports.A resident of the Tovuz region was renting an apartment near Baku whenwas arrested trying to sell 1032 counterfeit 100-dollar banknotes for$40 000.

Gas pipeline in Kabardino-Balkaria blown up

An explosion on a section of a Kabardino-Balkaria gas pipeline hasoccurred, and terrorism is suspected, ITAR-TASS reports, citing theemergencies ministry. The explosion happened at approximately 01:20 amat the Mozdok-Nevinnomyssk pipeline north-west of Nalchik's outskirts.There were no casualties. Gas transit was halted at 03:30 am, and gassupplies to Nalchik are coming from alternate sources.Police say the explosive device was equal to 400 g of TNT. Aninvestigation is underway.

Property redistribution in Caucasus made out to be terrorism – Khloponin

The Russian deputy chairman of the government, Russian PresidentialEnvoy to the North Caucasus Federal District Alexander Khloponin,demanded the cessation of criminal redistribution of property, often“made out to be terrorist attacks and ethnic infighting”, ITAR-TASSreports, citing a meeting in Yessentuki.

Five investigation theories on Stavropol explosion

The investigation on the Stavropol explosion has at least five theories and a set of suspects, Interfax reports citing the official spokesman of the Russian Investigative Committee in Stavropol Territory Yekaterina Danilova.

Genetic collection of sturgeons in Kuban

Scientist-breeders from Kuban are spawning starlet and sturgeons inspecial conditions. The Krasnodar Territory has 40 enterprisesspawning sturgeons, most of them receive hatchlings from the FederalBreeding-Genetic Center of Fisheries, reports.

Bomb found on Makhachkala railway

An explosive device was found on Friday morning on a railway line inthe Lenin region of the Dagestani capital, Makhachkala. The device isnow being defused, ITAR-TASS reports.

Employees of Ingushetia's largest transport enterprise on strike

The employees of Ingushetia's largest and only transport enterprise‘Ingushavtotrans’ are on strike. According to one of the protestors,the strike was held due to wage debts, RIA Novosti reports.The Director of ‘Ingushavtotrans', Abuyazid Aushev, admitted thehalting of the enterprise. He said that the enterprise owes 8 millionroubles to its employees. “The region’s government reached anagreement to pay the debts before August 20th, the protest should stoptomorrow”, Aushev said.

Dagestan and Chechnya show the highest industrial production fall

The three North Caucasus republics joined the five leaders of theindustrial recession in the first quarter of 2010, compared with thesame period in 2009. Dagestan and Chechnya had a 10% reduction inindustry, 4th place was taken by Kabardino-Balkaria, the report of theMinistry of Regional Development said, RIA Novosti reports.

Georgian authorities peddle arms - opposition leader

The Georgian authorities are involved in illegal arms deals, theleader of the opposition Movement for a Just Georgia, ZurabNogaideli, said, Rosbalt reports.He claims that part of the proceeds were used to finance the May 30local elections.Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin earlier said that theUS continues supplying Georgia with arms.

Dagestani president accounts for income and property

Dagestani President Magomedsalam Magomedov has revealed information onhis and family members' income and property, as well as otherfinancial information.In 2009, the president's salary (educational work) was 150308.8rubles, the region's press-service said.The president's wife Tamara Magomedova and his children Idris andAminat have no incomes. The family has an apartment in Moscow with anarea of 123.3 sq. m.

North Ossetian Interior Ministry to make 4 thousand employees redundant

Within the framework of optimizing the North Ossetian Interior Ministry, the authorities plan to cut 4 thousand jobs, Interior Minister Arthur Akhmetkhanov said, Rosbalt reports.According to Akhmetkhanov surplus of staff at the ministry took shape in 1992 during the Ossetian-Ingush conflict.The Interior Ministry cut back 774 employees in 2009, mainly those of pension age.

S.Ossetian parliament to hold no-confidence vote

A South Ossetian parliamentary committee decided on Tuesday to call avote of no-confidence in the government of Prime Minister VadimBrovtsev, RIA Novosti reports.The vote will be held tomorrow in the South Ossetian parliament. 18deputies will have to back the motion for it to be approved.On April 30, the committee established a commission to investigate thegovernment's work on suspicion of the misappropriation of budgetfunds.Brovtsev, who is South Ossetia's third premier since the end of the

40 people arrested in Turkey

In the Turkish city of Izmir, police raids have resulted in 40 members of organized crime groups being arrested, Trend reports citing Turkish media.

Ingush judicial system is corrupt - Evkurov

The investigative authorities of Ingushetia have suspended taking cases of militants and corrupt authorities to the local courts, president of Ingushetia Unus-Bek Evkurov said in an interview to the newspaper "Moskovskii Komsomolets".