Bruno Grandi: AGF is a wonderful federation, and it's not a compliment, but a reality

Bruno Grandi: AGF is a wonderful federation, and it's not a compliment, but a reality

The Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation (AGF) is open for the future, as it is managed by brilliant professionals,  the ex-President of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), Bruno Grandi said in an interview with a correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza on the sidelines of the meeting of the FIG Annual Council in Baku. Earlier this week, the meetings of the Presidential Commission and the FIG Executive Committee were held in Baku.

"You have a wonderful federation, and this is not a compliment, but a reality," Bruno Grandi noted first of all, explaining that the AGF works very efficiently ‘’and is open to the future in all areas of gymnastics - artistic, sports, trampoline and so on’’.

Bruno Grandi supported the candidacy of the AGF’s General Secretary, Farid Gaibov, for the Vice-President of the European Union of Gymnastics (UEG)  in the upcoming presidential elections of the UEG. "He is a good candidate and a good man. I believe that he will benefit the European gymnastics as president of the UEG, because I know him well. We were working together for a long time, and therefore I know both his ability to work and his ability to lead the team to victory, " the ex-president of the FIG said.

He also said about the FIG Council’s annual meeting, held today. "I think the results of the meeting are positive, because people had the opportunity to discuss each proposal they received. In particular, we made a decision on the new system of qualifications for the Olympic Games. Previously, the problem was that all 5 continents should participate in the Olympics and the best athletes from every continent should be present in every discipline, and in gymnastics, especially in the rhythmic gymnastics, it did not work out, because in this sport Europe is leading in the number of strong gymnasts. Now this problem will be solved, and every continent  will have the best team and athlete in the Olympic gymnastics, "Bruno Grandi said.

The ex-president of the FIG informed that in the future, the latest 3D shooting technologies will be used to evaluate the complexity of exercises during the gymnastics competitions. "The technical component of the performance will be evaluated solely by computers based on a three-dimensional shooting. People will judge only artistry, the quality and quantity of the complex elements will be evaluated  by computers. I think the new FIG leadership will be able to put this into practice, and I'm looking forward for the first such tournament, " he said.